Prayer is an intrinsic part of all we do at St. Paul's. Why not come along to one of our prayer meetings, where we worship God, listen to his voice and petition him with our needs:

  • Tuesday 7.30 - 8.15am in church.
  • Wednesday 9.30 - 10.30am in church (in Noah's Ark room)


Prayer ministry - that is, asking an experienced Christian to pray with you about something - is always available at our worship services. Please just ask.

However, if you find asking for prayer difficult, we can help! Click HERE to visit Pray One For Me where you can ask for prayer. Rather than explain it, it's probably easier to simply visit.

Daily Prayer

There are many ways to describe prayer, but at its heart it is about relationship with God. To flourish, relationships need time, commitment and open and honest communication. So, every time we pray, we are building our relationship with God who loves us.

Prayer needs no special religious language - it's a conversation with God - nor does it need a special place; you can do it anywhere. However, we understand that prayer doesn't always come as natuarally or easily as we would like. If you are struggling to pray right now, the rich Anglican heritage of daily prayer may help you..

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