Churchyard Maintenance Team

St Paul's church and churchyard is a beautiful space where people can find peace and rest as they visit the graves of loved ones. It is treasured by many people in the community, even those who don't normally attend church.

Even though it is a community space, the church grounds and churchyard are cared for by faithful members of the church congregation who give time, money and energy to ensure they remain tidy, safe and presentable.

In particular, a small group of people from church meet on a Saturday morning, from 10am to noon, to do vital work round the grounds. It's not a high-profile job or glamorous job... but it is one that quietly blesses the many hundreds of visitors to the churchyard.

Could you offer a few hours of help to keep the churchyard safe and well-maintained? It's real community service, and you'll work in a happy team who really enjoy their work.

For more info, call Cliff on 01942 200229.