Our Vision 

Our vision at St Paul’s is to be a church that helps people of all ages and backgrounds to grow as disciples, or followers, of Jesus who are envisioned and equipped to be Good News to the local community.

To achieve this, we will help anyone who is willing to:

Encounter God in a real way and be filled with the Holy Spirit;

Take their place in the family of God, discovering their God-given gifts and how they can use these to serve others as well as being served by the gifts of others; Be involved in at least one aspect of mission or service to the community which is suited to their talents and passions.

Our logo is a tree. We feel this is a simple way to remember our vision and purpose. Why? Because healthy discipleship is like a healthy tree. A healthy tree needs deep roots, a strong trunk and fruitful branches.

Likewise, at St Paul’s we will do everything we can to help you deepen your roots by developing a living relationship with God through encounter, teaching and nurture, strengthen your trunk helping you discover how you fit into God’s family and what your gifts and talents are, and grow fruitful branchesby finding ways in which you can reach out and bring blessing to the people amongst whom you live and work.

If you’re interested in being a disciple, or follower, of Jesus who is Good News to the people around you, or simply wish to know more about the vision and mission of St Paul’s, please do contact Neil, the Priest-in-Charge, on (01942) 242984, or email vicar@stpaulsgoosegreen.org.uk.