Families Together

Mum and dad have busy jobs, son’s got a match on Sunday, daughter goes to Brownies on Tuesday and Glee Club on Thursday, Gran’s not well and needs a visit, there’s shopping to be done, the bathroom to be redecorated… and don’t forget the homework.

The world, for younger families, is a maelstrom of competing demands.

How on earth can we make time to learn to grow as followers of Jesus in such a hectic world?

Families Together is a group of young local families who meet monthly to spend time together and encourage each other in the faith. We play games, do challenges, explore the bible and pray for one another. It can get a little loud sometimes, and sticky (why did we ever try to build a marshmallow skyscraper?)… but the cake is always good.

Families Together is open for all. It’s a good and very informal way to get to know other families who are trying to follow the often challenging but always rewarding way of Jesus.

We meet at the Church Hall (the green-brown building in the grounds of St Paul’s CE Primary School on the corner of Warrington Road and Clapgate Lane) on Saturday afternoons, from 4:00-5:30pm.  If you’d like to find out more, or would like to attend, please let Christiane know on 01942 242984 or Christiane_cook@hotmail.com.

Because there are occasional 'events' it may be good to check with Christiane regarding meeting dates