Pray For Wigan


You'll see this word on posters and signs all over the town of Wigan. It was adopted by the local authority as a rallying call around the time Wigan Athletic FC won the 2013 FA Cup.

We see something rather prophetic in this!

2015 is the year the Church of England commences 'Transforming Wigan', a seven year programme to see our town increasingly impacted by the grace and love of Jesus. And it starts and ends with prayer.

Of course it's right for Christians always to pray. However we sense an urgent call to lift up our voices for the welfare, blessing and transformation of Wigan. One of the many ways we are faithful to this call is by meeting as churches of different traditions to intercede together, once a month on the last Friday of the month from 7 to 8pm.

If you feel the call to pray for Wigan, join us! The venue changes monthly - just give the parish office a call on 01924 242984 to find out details on dates and locations of the meetings.